Hand Specialty

Dr. V. Venkataramana is an expert in the management of special problems in hand and upper limb that includes:

  • Paediatric hand problems – fractures of the hand, wrist, forearm and deformities of fingers
  • Paralytic & cerebral palsy hand.
  • Acute & Chronic infections of the hand

We also offer non-surgical methods of treatment.

GreenLeaf Receiption

Hand specialist in hyderabad

Trigger Thumb treatment or trigger finger treatment in Hyderabad. We give our best to our patient in treating there hand problems. A hospital dedicated to hand specialist in Hyderabad, including hand therapy. We situated in Vivekananda nagar, kukatpally. We treated several patient who suffered trigger thumb and trigger fingers. We have few hand doctors (hand specialists) in our hospital, who has vast knowledge in hand surgeries.

Hand surgeon are doctors specialized in hand, wrist, arm and shoulder, they have received additional specialized training in treating the problems related to hand.

Diseases to hand are also common, which include:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger treatment
  • Trigger thumb treatment
  • Sports injuries of the hand and wrist
  • Hand fracture
  • Wrist and forearm injuries
  • Wrist pain
  • Tennis elbow

Green leaf health center is one such hospital in Hyderabad which has dedicated hand surgery unit.

Doctors have been trained with latest technologies. Hand fractures and finger surgery are treated with our best doctors. We have connected best hand surgeon in Hyderabad. As hands play a key role for athletes, we treat them according to their needs.

The human hand usually has 5 digits: four fingers and one thumb; these are typically said conjointly as 5 fingers, however, whereby the thumb is enclosed joined of the fingers. It has twenty seven bones, the amount of that varies between folks. Among humans, the hands play a vital operate in visual communication and signing. Likewise the ten digits of two hands, and the twelve phalanges of four fingers have given rise to number systems and calculation techniques. One third of all acute injuries seen in emergency rooms involve the higher extremities and 2 thirds of higher extremity injuries occur to people in their operating years.

One fourth of athletic injuries involve the hand and gliding joint. Children below the age of six are at the high risk for crushing or burning injuries of the hand.

When the hand is unbroken wet, the skin of the palm wrinkles. Why? The exact mechanism isn’t identified, but it is clearly controlled by nerves. When the nerve that provides feeling to a section of skin on the palm is cut, that area of skin not only becomes numb, loses its ability to wrinkle when wet. It also loses the ability to sweat. The muscles that power the fingers are robust – robust enough a couple of folks to climb vertical surfaces supporting their entire weight from time to time by a few fingertips.

The muscles that accomplish this effort are stronger than you may imagine, for the biomechanics of the hand require that the force generated by the muscles which bend the Fingertips should be a minimum of fourfold the pressure that is created at the fingertips. Only 10 to 15% of the entire human population is left-handed. Only one in one hundred are ambidextrous, meaning able to use both hands equally.

Nine individual muscles manage the thumb; three major hand nerves manage the thumb muscles. Human hands are able to make grips that other primates, such as chimps and gorillas, cannot. This is because we have shorter hands and longer, more powerful thumbs then our primate relatives. Touch can increase the release of oxytocin. This “feel good hormone” is released during bonding activities.

Hand Problems

  • Factures And Dislocation of hand & wrist
  • Infections of hand
  • Nerve problems of hand
  • Hand & upper limb pain syndromes
  • Complex fractures of Arm, shoulder, Elbow & Fore arm
  • Tendon Injuries of hand
  • Micro surgical procedures
  • Stiff Fingers
  • Tumors of hand & upper limb
  • Arthroscopy of hand & upper limb
  • Sports Injuries of hand.
  • Contractures & deformities of hand
  • Hand burns
  • Pediatric fractures of hand & Upper limb

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