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GreenLeaf Health Centre is a focussed hand care centre which takes care of your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder problems. This specialized centre for hand is because of Dr. V. Venkataramana who is proficient in hand surgery and can take care of all hand and upper limb related pain syndromes, complex injuries, deformities and nerve problems etc.

GreenLeaf Health Centre is also providing Gynecological and Obstetric care by Dr. Sridevi, a renowned experienced gynecologist and with more than 6000 gynecological surgeries including emergency services with highrate of success for the past 15 years.

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GreenLeaf Health Centre

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Dr Venkataramana

Dr. V. Venkataramana

Sr. Consultant Hand Specialist

Dr. V Venkataramana is a renowned consultant hand surgeon at Care Hospitals, Hyderabad. He has the noble aspiration of establishing hand surgery subspeciality in orthopaedics, wrist injuries, small joint replacements and birth deformities are the domains where he wishes to work forward as they have limitless potential.

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Dr Sridevi

Dr. Sridevi

Sr.Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Sridevi is a renowned Gynecologist at the Green Leaf Health Centre in Hyderabad. She is an esteemed personality in the medical community who is respected for providing state-of-the-art health care service to women of all ages, pregnant ladies, and newborns. Her exceptional role in more than 6000 ...

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Patient Testimonials

I had never seen a Hospital whose premises are so clean and hygiene...excellent staff and affordable health care.Particularly for Hand Surgery Specialty and Gynecology...Dr.Venkata Ramana and Dr. Sridevi are down to earth people.


Srinivas R

Amazing experience. My three fingers : thumb, index and ring finger got numb without any sensation and movement. I struggled a lot, the advise of my brother who is a doctor suggested me to visit Greenleaf Health Centre Hand Care Specialty. Dr.Venkat Ramana attended me and in less than 3 days I got healed from the problem...Its amazing experience..I don't there is a specialisation for Hand Care.


Sateesh Vipparthi

Very friendly atmosphere...Dr. Sridevi is very good and very knowledgeable...I got my c sec done here and the doc made sure that I was almost back to normal before discharge.


Sampath Kumari Kurr

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